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Cards at the ready: Chloë Sevigny is selling all her clothes and youre going to want them all


Chloë Sevigny is selling all her clothes and you're going to want them all
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Its not every day that you get the opportunity to dress like a goddamn A-grade celeb.

But that day is today.

Because Oscar-nominated actress and big-time model Chloë Sevigny is selling loads of her clothes and you can buy them.

Renowned for her arty-style, shes offering up loads of her high-end clobber through the pre-owned, luxury fashion items website The Real Real.

Everything sold on the site is fully-authenticated so youve no need to worry that what youre buying isnt 100% legit designer.

My heart lies in vintage and designer consignment, Chloë says.

I think sites like The RealReal are very important in helping people satisfy that urge without contributing more waste which is unfortunately such an industry-wide problem


She says that she occasionally has a six-month hiatus during which time she doesnt buy a single item of clothing.

Her wardrobe sale includes pieces by loads of luxury brands including Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga and although quite a few items have already been sold, there are still pieces left. Prices start at around £46.

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Not only is this all an attempt to reduce waste but a percentage of the funds raised will be going bid to raise funds for the Hetrick Martin Institute – a charity helping LGBTQ youth.

Now thats how spring cleaning really should be done.

You can check out the sale here.

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