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Leonardo And Telespazio Announce #T-TeC 2022 Winners

The award ceremony of the #T-TeC 2022, the Open Innovation competition promoted by Leonardo and Telespazio, open to students and researchers from universities and...

California Shooting: Suspect Arrested, 7 Dead

A 67-year-old man is said to have shot several people in the United States. The motive for the crime is said to be unknown....

Kiev Disappointed By Germany’s Indecision On Tank, Kharkiv Woman Dies

Ukraine continues to ask for weapons. According to the General Staff, Russian losses have exceeded the "psychological threshold" of 12,000 dead soldiers. In the city...

German Compliment App: Boost Your Confidence

In 2012 ASKfm, the social network known for its anonymous "question-answer" format, sadly went down in history for the high number of teenage suicides...

Top Google US Series: Popularity Rankings

For television lovers, it has never been so easy to have access to a wide catalog of series with the emergence of streaming platforms,...

Euro closes at today’s rate In Bolivia

This was the behavior of the European currency during the last minutes of the day. In the last session, the euro traded at closing at...

Italian Design Evolution: Past and Future

2022 was not an easy year from a geo-economic point of view. How have the uncertainties of the context impacted the trend of the...

Iran Nuclear Program At Risk: US And Israel Potential Attack

According to the outgoing Israeli Defense Chief of Staff, the Jewish state is ready for an armed intervention that could be supported by the...

Covid Widens Wealth Gap: 26 Trillion To Scrooges, 99% Left Behind

Oxfam: "Hunger is increasing in the world, but in the first two years of the pandemic, 1% of the planet has hoarded 63% of...

New Beginnings: Signs Of Hope

A dear old professor called me to congratulate the New Year and reminded me that this week marks the fifteenth anniversary of the publication...