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8 Essential Makeup Tricks You Should Know

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The sense of confidence that can feel when sporting a bold lipstick color is unmatched. The sensual nature that rises within when wearing Siren Eyes is unparalleled and the general feeling you get when your makeup seems to have been done by the greatest make-up artist is incomparable. But unfortunately, makeup is not always as we imagine. Mascara can wear off, lipstick wears off, and sometimes you feel like a young teenager exploring the realm of makeup for the first time. When these moments arise, it is important to know some useful tips. Here’s a list of makeup hacks that everyone, pros and beginners alike, should always have on hand.

Put blush on the nose

In a perfect world, we could all leave the beach looking like we’ve just returned from a week in the Bahamas that is, with the most beautiful, shimmering golden tan ever, but for some, it’s the furthest thing from reality. So if you’re looking to achieve a “sunburn” effect without going through the harmful rays, try this easy blush trick. Instead of just applying color to the cheekbones, apply product to the bridge of your nose as well. Since this is where the sun would normally color your nose, you’ll get a natural blush.

Apply concealer as an eye shadow base

The following advice, although highly controversial, is ideal when you’re short on cash. The eye shadow base is essential to prevent it from fading, rubbing off, transferring, cracking or all of the above. But when we run out of product or try to travel light concealer can come to the rescue. The product can serve as a neutral base for your shadows while giving the pigment something to hold onto.

Use powder to hold lipstick in place

Thank Sabrina Carpenter for this simple trick. Place a tissue over your lips and simply powder your lips over the tissue. That’s it. In no time, whether you’ve opted for a deep red or a more natural neutral color, your lipstick will stay put and last for a long time.

Use contact lens solution to revive mascara

Plunging your mascara brush into the tube only to discover that the product has become gelatinous and dry is the complete opposite of what you want. Instead of immediately running to the store to buy a new one, try putting a few drops of contact lens solution in the product. Within seconds, the life of your mascara will be increased for at least a few more days.

Let the marks dry before erasing them

We’ve all been there, you’re swiping your favorite mascara on your lashes when suddenly you blink. Suddenly the eye shadow is littered with unwanted mascara marks. Although your first instinct is to try to wipe away your mistake as quickly as possible, let those marks dry first. Then, use a cotton swab and rub it gently on the skin. So you can say goodbye to streaks and stains.

Exfoliate lips with a toothbrush

For soft, smooth lips, exfoliation is key. Gently run your toothbrush over your lips a few times, then apply a moisturizing lip balm. Not only will the scrub remove dead skin, but it will also reveal a natural dewy color.

Use products for multiple purposes

Although it may sound silly, it’s a game-changing tip. You don’t have coloured lipstick on you, but you have a powder blush. Swirl the product around in your hand, grab your favorite lip balm and blend them together. No highlighter No problem. Take your lip gloss and put a small amount on the high points of the face. No eyeshadow. Take your bronzer and apply it to your eyelids until you achieve your desired color. Makeup is multifunctional. Use it to your advantage.

Apply products with fingers

If you’ve ever found yourself on TikTok on the makeup trend side, you’ve probably seen viral videos of a woman smearing foundation drops all over her face. But instead of using a brush or a sponge, TikTokeuse Meredith Duxbury uses her hands first, and, against all odds, the result is always flawless. In fact, using the hands can serve a dual purpose. They allow the product to melt into the skin and prevent the blender sponge or brush from absorbing excess product. And this tip doesn’t just apply to foundation. Use your fingers to apply blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss the possibilities are endless.

This article was originally published on L’Officiel

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