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I Own So Many Sports Bras, but This One Made From Biodegradable Fabric Is the Ultimate Compliment Magnet


instyle– I’ve accumulated a lot of sports bras over the past year. I’m talking classic black ones, colorful, cute ones made from plastic bottles, and ultra-soft ones with prints inspired by nature — you name it, I probably own it. And while I love every single sports bra dearly (they’ve been a game changer during NYC summers because, well, IYKYK), there’s one I get compliments on without fail wherever I wear it: the Port de Bras Scrunchie Top.

Port de Bras landed on my radar this past summer, and I was immediately in awe of the stunning designs that draw inspiration from ballet (port de bras is ballet speak for “movement of the arms”). Let me tell you: These activewear pieces are unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen — and with a market that’s so saturated, that’s not an easy feat to achieve. Nevertheless, founder and creative director Clarissa Egana did it.

The emerging athleisure brand is based in Venezuela, with a vision to help the war-stricken women of Caracas by providing them with jobs and a livable wage. Every piece is designed from 100 percent biodegradable fabrics sourced from Brazil — and after I learned about those two facts, I fell even more in love. A brand with a beautiful mission creating beautiful clothing? I’m on board.

The particular piece that especially caught my eye was the best-selling scrunchie bra, which, like the name suggests, features a scrunchie-like design element. The straps have a ruched design, like a scrunchie, that’s incredibly unique, incredibly chic, and a total compliment-magnet. Every time I step out wearing it, at least five people stop me and ask where my top is from. It’s that good.

It’s also made from a super-soft, stretchy, quick-drying fabric (that’s biodegradable!), so in addition to being oh-so-pretty, the top is also functional and easy on the earth, and it can withstand everything from a sweating barre session to a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I’ve even styled the scrunchie top with both sleek black jeans as well as with the brand’s signature arrow leggings that are ultra flattering.

Put simply, this top is versatile. It’s beautiful! It’s biodegradable! The only downside? If you don’t like to be stopped on the street, beware. This one will have people in awe. Shop more pieces from the Latinx-owned brand below.