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Lidl and Aldi battle it out over square sausage invention

(Picture: Lidl/Aldi)

First, it was the population of Scotland who came for Aldi after they claimed they invented the square sausage.

Now, however, its officially become a battle of the brands, as fellow discount retailer Lidl have jumped into the ring to have a pop.

Aldis sausedge has had quite the rinsing since it came out, with many Scots accusing them of trying to reinvent the wheel and claim the classic square sausage as their own.

Their new patty was praised for how easily it could fit into a roll, which started off a whole load of jokes, and even some calls for Scottish independence.

Lidls response to them is pretty savage, but definitely drives the point home.

Things Aldi also claim to have invented:

1. Irn Bru
2. Haggis
3. The Proclaimers
4. Yer Da Selling Avon https://t.co/DZbnE0WcSe

— Lidl GB (@LidlGB) May 14, 2019

Aldi the replied to Lidl, saying Woah woah woah. Not claiming to have invented it.‍ We just want to share the Lorne Love with everyone.



Theyre absolutely right, they didnt state theyd invented it, simply co-opted it under a new name and pretended they didnt already sell Lorne sausage in Scottish stores.

Lidl are still winning the war, however, with their yer da sells Avon joke racking up nearly 60,000 likes, and Aldis originRead More – Source