Home Food This vegan mayo is made with waste water from hummus factories

This vegan mayo is made with waste water from hummus factories


This vegan mayo is made with waste water from hummus factories
Dreaming of dipping hash brown fries in these (Picture: Metro.co.uk/Rubies)

It’s so easy to be vegan these days.

We have it so much better than the plant-based troopers of yesteryear.

If I want to stock up on fake cheese, imitation meat or vegan mayo, all I have to do is pop to the high street and I’ll have a plethora of options.

My current favourite dinner item is Iceland’s hash brown fries (seriously, try them), dipped in mayo (I never said I was classy).

Now, I’ve got two ride or die vegan mayos – Plamil’s garlic mayo, and Vegenaise (only if it’s on offer, because it’s hella expensive) but my eye wandered today when I discovered that there’s a new mayo in town.

And it’s made from waste water from the hummus industry.

Yup, Rubies in the Rubble mayo is made using aquafaba – the water drained from tins of chickpeas and other legumes. It translates from Latin as ‘bean water’.

Its unique mix of starches, proteins and other soluble plant solids give it a huge range of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinising and thickening properties.

It’s basically a vegan’s saviour in the kitchen.

Rubies vegan chipotle mayo
Get in my fridge (Picture: Rubies)

Of course, using aquafaba to make mayo isn’t new – the aforementioned vegan mayos use aquafaba from soy beans – but Rubies’ aquafaba is a byproduct of the hummus industry.

‘We were inspired to get back into the kitchen after we saw a vegan foodie blogger was making gorgeous looking meringue with aquafaba, saying it performed just like egg whites,’ says Rubies co-founder, Jenny Costa.

‘We were intrigued and so we started playing with how it could work in a condiment. Mayo is such a widely used staple, so it seemed like a brilliant opportunity to create something gourmet for vegans and non-vegans who will also appreciate the sustainable approach.

‘Currently we source our aquafaba from a hummus manufacturers. Every year hummus manufacturers empty gallons of water from cooking chickpeas down the sink when making hummus or any bean dip.

‘At RITR we want to ensure we treasure our resources and make the most of everything we have so thought we would put this nutritious, golden liquid to great use in our new range.’

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Rubies make two types of vegan mayo – regular mayo and chipotle mayo.

The regular mayo is made with the rescued aquafaba along with rapeseed oil, a pinch of salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and a hint of Dijon mustard.

They then add smoky chipotle chilli powder to make the chipotle version.

Mayo isn’t the only thing that Rubies make with waste products – they also sell relishes, ketchups and chutneys.

Jenny founded Rubies in the Rubble when she realised how much food is wasted in London – she started out using discarded fruit and veg from New Covent Garden market, and the rest is history.

Rubies mayo is £3.50 per 210g jar, and can be purchased from Rubies and Whole Foods Market.

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