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You Won’t Believe How People Are Using Avocados to Propose


Avocados are still enjoying their moment as the trendiest item in the produce aisle. But topping toast and whipping up “nicecream” with these little green guys? Been there, done that. Now, people are obsessing over a new fad: avocado “box” proposals.

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That’s right. This superfood is playing a special role when it comes to locking down your soulmate. In lieu of a box, marriage-minded people are planting their engagement rings inside an avocado. Instagram went wild after Colette Dike shared this image on her account, Food Deco. The post garnered over 10,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

“I love to work with healthy, versatile, and photogenic fruit,” Dike tells Health. “I get inspired by everyday things and love to come up with a fresh take on classics.” For this project, Dike teamed up with the World Avocado Organization and used her own engagement ring to stage a fruit-forward proposal idea.

Dike isn’t the only one loving the avocado-engagement ring idea. While browsing the Twittersphere, I came across what appears to be a re-post of a diamond ring between two avocado halves.

And in July 2017, a man named Scott posted a video titled “Avocado Proposal” that showed him proposing to his girlfriend, Becky. At the end of the 11-minute video, “Your Song” from Moulin Rouge! is turned off, and Scott gets down on one knee—while holding an avocado.

“This avocado is our relationship,” he says. “Surprises, laughs, tears…will you marry me?”

Green with envy about these creative engagements? Try swapping your jewelry box with an avocado and putting a pair of earrings or any prized possession inside. But remember the major con: Avocados don't come with a lock, but they do have an expiration date.

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