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Kinder Surprise doughnuts come topped with an actual Kinder Egg


Kinder Surprise doughnuts come topped with an actual Kinder Egg
(Picture: Instagram/@doughnuttime_uk)

Doughnut Time, Australia’s favourite Doughnut Shop which is now open in London’s Notting Hill, has created some amazing Kinder Egg doughnuts, which come topped with actual Kinder Eggs.

This isn’t the first time the doughnut shop has wowed us with a new creation. We also saw them launch some incredible Nutella doughnuts, which feature mini jars of the chocolate hazelnut spread, and then there was the mini engagement ring doughnuts which were launched in collaboration with Deliveroo.

The Kind-Er A Big Deal doughnuts look to die for.

They feature a white and orange cream glaze, and come topped with pastel confetti sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, and a Kinder Surprise egg.

According to the doughnut’s product description, Doughnut Time say side effects from the doughnut may include: ‘an accumulation of leather-bound books and a faint smell of rich mahogany.

We’ll take our chances.

Seriously, just look how good it looks:

The doughnuts have been shown off on Doughnut Time’s Instagram account in a number of posts, and customers have been going crazy for them.

One user said: ‘My dream’, while another wrote: ‘yesssssss !!!!!! That looks so good’.

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The Kinder Egg doughnuts are a permanent addition to Doughnut Time’s menu, and are currently available in all of its three locations: Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Shaftesbury Avenue.

Stores are open til late, so if you’re looking for the perfect nighttime snack, you know where to go.

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