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McDonald’s is already facing a nationwide Grand Mac shortage


McDonald's is already facing a nationwide Grand Mac shortage
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Remember when we announced that – to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac – McDonald’s would be releasing two smaller and bigger versions of their iconic burger?

It was only a few days ago, so we’d hope so.

On Thursday McDonald’s launched the Mac Jr – a Big Mac with one patty instead of two – and the Grand Mac – a Big Mac, but bigger.

Well as of today, Saturday 10 February, McDonald’s is already running out of the Grand Mac. Looks like they severely underestimated our appetites for large burgers.

All the excitement around the launch – plus a healthy curiosity around exactly how big a bigger version of a Big Mac could be – has resulted to depleted stocks reported in Teesside, Lincolnshire, and Devon.

Hungry burger fans have rushed to their local McDonald’s only to find signs alerting them that they wouldn’t be able to get their paws around a Grand Mac.

Just look at Twitter. People are distraught.

@McDonaldsUK does this fabled grand big mac even exist? Surely it cant have sold out 2 days after release

— Robbo (@handsomerobbo) February 10, 2018

imagine the dissapointment when you roll up to maccies in the early hours of the morning after a night out and the big shitty touchscreen thing tells you that the GRAND MAC is currently unavailable, gn

— Ben Carver (@ben_carver99) February 10, 2018

One McDonald’s in Middlesbrough put up a sign reading: ‘Unfortunately we cannot sell any Grand Macs due to a national shortage. We hope to rectify this within 24 hours.’

In Plymouth, three stores had signs in the window describing the Grand Mac as ‘so tasty it’s sold out’. Great marketing, pals.

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But before you panic, beef lovers, take a moment, breathe, and remember that while the Grand Mac may be sold out in some McDonald’s, it’s still available in others. Just pop to your nearest Maccas to see if you can still grab one.

It’s likely that McDonald’s will restock soon to answer demand. They’ve already stated that they’re fixing the shortage by tomorrow.

And if you can’t wait, there’s always a secret option: Just buy two Big Macs. That’ll actually be more Big Mac than you’d get in a Grand Mac.

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