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This Kitchen Gadget Transformed My Meal Prep Game—and It Costs Less Than $20


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I've never considered myself an egg person. So when my boyfriend recently unpacked a brand new egg cooking machine from Amazon called the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, I didn't get the hype. "This is going to change my life," he declared. Eye roll.

Every four days or so, he would pull out the pint-sized machine and a carton of eggs and boil six of the bad boys to last him the next few days. The machine made a loud beeping noise to signal when the eggs had been cooked through. "I love this thing!" he would tell me. "You have to try it." Of course I said no, because why would I ever admit I wanted to try a strange-looking egg machine?

To buy: Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $17, amazon.com

But then I decided to embark on a month of doing the Whole30, an elimination-style diet that severely limited my food options. One of the most versatile foods I could eat, though, was—you guessed it—eggs. I came home from work with 12 eggs and sheepishly asked my boyfriend if I could try out his egg cooker. Luckily, he obliged and showed me how to use it.

The process is simple: fill the bottom metal tray with a few tablespoons of water, then position six eggs in the crate-like tray which hovers over the liquid. Next, place the plastic domed lid over the eggs, plug the machine in, and press the button. The water heats up and boils the eggs sans pot.

I know, I know: Hard-boiling eggs isn't a groundbreaking phenomenon. But when I brought my fresh eggs to work the next day in their shells, I found that de-shelling them was so, so easy. Usually, I struggle to fully remove the shells and am left with little bits stuck on the white, or I basically dismember the entire egg and have an unappetizing pile of scraps. But with these eggs, the shells came off in practically one crack. For a girl who had come to rely on eggs for survival, I was joyous.

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker does more than hard boil eggs, though. One weekend, I removed the egg-boiling rack to make a personal size frittata. It was as simple as whisking a couple eggs, pouring them into the cooker, adding my veggies of choice, and pressing the cook button. I haven't tried the scramble and poach functions yet, but I'm excited to experiment more with this genius kitchen tool.

Dash's egg cooker is ideal for anyone who wants to eat more filling protein. Since you can prepare eggs quickly and easily in so many different ways, you won't get bored and can have a week's worth ready with the press of a button. Plus, the tiny tool is cost effective and can be stored in the even smallest of kitchens—I live in a 450-square-foot apartment, and can attest that my egg cooker is well worth the small amount of cabinet space it takes up.

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