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Is Coffee Actually Good for You?


Here’s how java can impact your health.

For those who rely on their morning cup of Joe to wake them up, the wonders of coffee are very familiar. But many people debate whether the drink is actually good for your health. Sure, coffee can give you that pick-me-up you need in the morning or during an afternoon slump, but what does the drink actually do for your health? And can all that caffeine have negative effects?

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Research shows that coffee does have health benefits. Studies suggest that regular coffee drinkers have a lower risk of many ailments and diseases, including diabetes, stroke, depression, and even some cancers. Coffee lovers even seem to live longer. Experts believe we get these benefits from the antioxidants in coffee beans. We drink so much coffee, it may even be the top source of antioxidants in the American diet!

However, much of the research on coffee’s benefits shows that you have to be a heavy coffee drinker to get these results. You might fancy yourself a coffee fanatic, but six cups a day is a lot of coffee!

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That means a lot of caffeine as well. And caffeine could have negative effects on your body. If you’ve ever accidentally drank more caffeine than you're used to, you’ve probably experienced a racing heart, an upset stomach, or difficulty sleeping. Experts recommend that you limit caffeine consumption to 400 milligrams a day or less, about how much is in four cups of coffee.

It’s also important to consider how you take your joe. Healthy coffee is black; adding things like cream, sugar, and syrups takes away from the health benefits it does have.

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