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White Creme Eggs worth up to £2,000 cause fury


​​​​​​​Supermarket staff and shoppers have been accused of opening Creme Egg wrappers to find limited edition white chocolate treats worth up to £2,000.

Lovers of the sugary delights have been scrambling to find the prized white chocolate eggs which have the same iconic purple, yellow and red foil wrapping as their milk chocolate counterparts.

Cadbury's has made only 350-400 of the chocolates, with each one worth at least £100.

A total of 33 worth are worth £1,000 and the ultimate egg is worth £2,000.

Each special egg has a phone number printed on a voucher under the foil wrapping which winners need to call and reveal the unique code on the wrapper, which shop and where it is.

Swathes of sweet-toothed fans have used social media to complain Creme Eggs had already been opened when they went to buy some.

Blogger George Kimm said: "Nice to see that ALL the Creme Eggs in Sainsbury's have been opened #whitecremeeggs."

Bought three creme eggs to try and find this white one lol from a wee shop but could tell all three had been checked common honestly they should have thought of a better way lol

— fluke1986 (@flukeascension) January 5, 2018

Jeanie said: "This white Creme Egg thing just means every single Creme Egg has been unwrapped and touched by some randoms in Tesco."

Ryan Reeves tweeted: "Sainsburys, the search for a white chocolate creme egg has gone to your employees head clearly."

Londoner @4ChordsNoNet wrote: "This will be the first year that I will not be eating any Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

"Tried to buy some today and all the packets in Tesco (about 30 of them) had been opened, presumably by people wanting to see if any of the boxes had the prize winning white eggs in them."

Either the creme eggs are poorly wrapped this year or someone’s been through them all trying to find a white one.. ?

— Chloe ✨ (@ChloeRedmond123) January 5, 2018

The prized £2,000 white egg is being sold in a Co-op supermarket somewhere in the UK.

Thirty-three others worth £1,000, and the rest of the prize-winning eggs, are hidden in newsagents and corner shops as well as Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express and Co-op branches.

A Tesco spokesman refused to comment to Sky News on the numerous allegations, angrily insisting there was no evidence the eggs were being unwrapped.

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Sky News has contacted Co-op and Sainsbury's for a comment.

The white Creme Eggs will be on shelves until 1 April.

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