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A 5k pizza run is coming to the UK


A 5K pizza run is coming to the UK
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Attention, please.

If you like both running and pizza, or you need something as glorious as pizza to make you run, or you’re bored of doing the same old 5k, listen up: a 5k pizza run is finally coming to the UK.

The pizza run concept has been around for a while across the pond in New York. Over there, each year, there’s the NYC Pizza Run. It’s a 5k with checkpoints where you stop and eat pizza. Great idea, huh?

So, naturally, someone’s nicked that idea and brought it to the UK. Hooray.

Our pizza run will be a little different. Rather than multiple pizza checkpoints, each runner will be given two slices of pizza to enjoy before, during, or after the 5k run.

So there won’t be as much pizza on offer, presumably because the UK doesn’t have the same pay by the slice shops that New York is packed with. You could always bring some extra slices if you’re after more carbs and cheese.

The event will pop up in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, and Manchester, giving anyone who’s keen to opportunity to run, eat pizza, then attend an after party.

When and where the Pizza Run is happening:

Bristol, 28 April

Cardiff, 29 April

Manchester, 12 May

Birmingham, 13 May

Leeds, 19 May

London, 20 May

Entrance to the race costs £20, and includes the run, access to the after-party, two slices of pizza, a Pizza Run UK finishers medal, and the chance to compete for prizes for the top finishers and best fancy dress. We’re going to go out on a limb and recommend dressing up as a slice of pizza.

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If you fancy signing up, you can do so through the Eventbrite.

Mind you, you can always do your own makeshift pizza run without paying for the official event. Just go for a 5k run then have some pizza afterwards. Or just skip the running bit. Whatever.

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