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Could cooking with your mouth be a trend we see in 2018?


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Christmas might be over, but there’s always next year.

Those without a strong stomach might want to look away now as a performance artist has made a video showing a woman making turkey stuffing…with her mouth.

The five-minute long video shows home chef Eva Godfrey bite and chew through the ingredients which include onions, garlic, egg, bread and butter, and spit into a bowl. She then ‘massages’ the saliva-ridden mixture with her hands and stuffs it into the raw turkey.

‘Interestingly I use the right-hand side of my mouth but you do what feels most natural to you’ she insightfully tells the audience.

The director behind the creative video is Australian filmmaker Nathan Ceddia.

The London and Berlin-based photographer tells Metro.co.uk: ‘The video came about after hearing countless stories of friends and family injuring themselves whilst cooking. The kitchen is meant to be a safe environment where people can comfortably express their creativity.

Could cooking with your mouth be a trend we see in 2018?
(Picture: Nathan Ceddia)

‘I myself love cooking but I’m not so fond of knives, and the thought of chopping off a finger frightens the hell out of me. I decided the only way to relieve this anxiety and to make the kitchen safe again would be to create a new style of cooking.

‘Before we had all these fancy gadgets in our kitchen and before we even had kitchens we where hunters and gatherers who used our mouths for everything. By channeling my inner caveman I’ve created a fool proof concept that minimises kitchen risks, replacing dangerous utensils with the safety of our own mouth.

‘The mouth is a wonderful tool, it chops, chews, whisks and grates. It’s the ultimate all in one kitchen utensil, only this time it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or chop off your fingers (hopefully).

‘I would like to see cooking with your mouth become a movement. I plan to release more mouth watering recipes and even introduce these skills into schools and prisons.’

Could cooking with your mouth be a trend we see in 2018?
(Picture: Nathan Ceddia)

The almost satirical video seems to have facetious soundbites like: ‘I find flat leaf far sexier than curly leaf parsley so that’s what I’m going to use’, and ‘there’s nothing better than the smell of garlic for days and weeks’.

She then chews through the pungent vegetable, closing her eyes for a brief second and relishing the taste. The final piece is served after she rips a small chunk of the turkey with her hand, adds a ‘blob’ of stuffing and garnishes it with a sprig of parsley.

Viewers weren’t too pleased with the clip which sees the makeshift chef exclaim ‘this is really hurting my tongue’, ‘I don’t like to do things traditionally,’ and ‘warm the butter with the cosy inside of my mouth’.

Could cooking with your mouth be a trend we see in 2018?
(Picture: Nathan Ceddia)

The artist is primary interested in food and has various videos on his website and has been featured on The New York Times. Some of his works include Man V Gut which shows close ups of people eating different foods and their belly buttons.

He says: ‘Every day we’re hounded by the latest food trends, clogging up the arteries of our news feeds. The question is, are we overeating too many cyber snacks?’

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