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The latest edibles are pre-mixed botanical cannabis cocktails


Could alcohol-free botanical cannabis cocktails be the next wellness trend?
A refreshing drink, hello (Picture: Monk Provisions/Metro.co.uk)

Many residents of California are waiting for January 2018 with glee, as that’s when the state’s new cannabis industry regulations go into effect, meaning all adults can legally use the drug recreationally.

Since this news was announced, we’ve seen more and more edibles come on the market, including many liquid ones, such as alcohol-free cannabis wine (which contains THC, so it gets you high).

The latest liquid is Monk Provisions’ alcohol-free cannabis cocktails, handcrafted with super herbs, terpenes and fresh pressed juices.

The drinks contain THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis, so yes, they will get you high. Some also contain CBD, which has calming effects.

The beverage comes in three different doses, to suit all needs – a 4oz bottle with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, a 16oz bottle with 10mg THC and 10mg CBD, and a 16oz bottle with 45mg THC only.

Monk Provisions say that the 4oz bottle is a good place to start for those new to cannabis, or sensitive to it.

Monk Provisions cannabis cocktails
(Picture: Monk Provisions)

The makers say the effects from THC products start 10-15 minutes after ingestion, and may gently increase for up to 45 minutes. This is a lot faster than other edibles.

Effects from the CBD and other herbal ingredients in the drinks may be felt after each dose, but will benefit the body most when taken regularly over time, say the makers.

And how long will the effects last? For most people, the high from THC will be felt for three to four hours, but subtle effects can last for six. This does, of course, vary according to metabolism, hydration levels and food intake.

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Flavours available are ginger and maple shrub, grapefruit and cayenne, turmeric and lemon, rosemary and orange peel, and cinnamon and citrus shrub.

They contain ingredients like fresh juice, organic raw apple cider vinegar, and raw agave.

The drinks cost from $12 (£8.93) each, and are currently only available to people in California with medical marijuana recommendations.

However, this will be set to change when California’s new laws come in to effect next year.

The brand are also working on alcoholic versions of their drinking botanicals, so keep an eye on their website.

If these don’t float your boat, try cannabis coffee, hemp milk with CBD and frozen pot pizza.

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