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Fancy a spot of Yorkshire tea flavoured gin?


Fancy a spot of Yorkshire tea flavoured gin?
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Not to dive into a whole bunch of British stereotypes, but we do tend to love both gin and tea.

Combine the two and we’re probably going to be on board… unless we’re talking about pouring shots of gin into a nice cup of earl grey.

Enter a new type of gin from Masons: Gin infused with Yorkshire tea.

The exact recipe of the gin is a closely-guarded secret (and no, it’s not as simple as popping a teabag in the bottle), but we know the booze has notes of citrus, aniseed, cardamom, pepper, and, of course, Yorkshire tea.

As much as we’d like to serve it in teacups, we reckon it’d go better with a tonic water than your regular cuppa.

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If you fancy trying tea-infused gin for yourself, you can buy a bottle for £39.99.

If you’d rather keep your loves for tea and gin separate, the same brand also makes lavender infused gin, which sounds ultra relaxing.

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