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It’s time to start thinking about summer style…


independent.ie– The time has finally come to start taking baby steps towards resuming life as we knew it, but when it comes to dressing up, I don’t know if I can dive back at speed. I have been very slow to step away from the leisurewear, and recently, when faced with the opportunity to dress up for multiple trips out, albeit for straightforward medical procedures, I couldn’t quite get my act together to embrace the opportunity and dress up. So off I went in my uniform, shocked by my lack of enthusiasm to grab this opportunity to get beyond the puffa, jeans, trainers and cashmere jumper.

However, all it took was a stretch in the evenings to jog me out of my lockdown threads and get out for a long bracing walk after a day at the laptop. Nothing fancy now, but once I hid the Ugg boots away, I reached for shoes last week for the first time in months (as opposed to boots and trainers) and I didn’t fall out of them.

Flirting with the idea of booking a summer vacay after none last year, it definitely worked magic with my headspace. I had intent, and purpose. So this week, I’m well and truly into planning some summer buys.