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‘You’re sitting on the fence!’ Labour MP skewered over ‘indecisive’ Brexit talks dithering


express– BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent argued that now was not the time for the Labour Party to be sitting on the fence with Brexit. While speaking to Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Reynolds, she noted that despite the Labour Party’s best intentions, if they did not support the Government there could be a no deal Brexit scenario. Mr Reynolds admitted that the Labour Party would have to see what deal the Government brings back to the House of Commons before they decide to support it.

Ms Nugent asked: “Will the Labour Party back a Brexit deal?”

Mr Reynolds answered: “We obviously have to seal that deal first of all.

“It must be said, it is appalling that we haven’t got that deal already.

“We are in the transition zone and we should be preparing for what comes next

“Given the Government was elected a year ago on the promise of that oven ready deal they should have kept their promises and we should know what that is.

“To answer your question directly, we would have to see the Brexit deal first.

“We have always said that we would oppose, in all circumstances, no deal and we are in a position where it is an up-down vote on a deal or no deal.

“The Government hasn’t yet told the House of Commons what form that would take.

“So we would have to look at it but we do want a deal and do want to move on from this and give the country a chance to recover from this pandemic by not having to focus on Brexit for the next few years.

The BBC Breakfast host argued that the Labour Party needed to be precise and clear about their Brexit stance at this stage.

She said: “I understand why you are saying that because you need to see the deal.

“But even the then-General Secretary of the Union Len McCluskey has warned your leader about sitting on the fence.

“How important is it for Labour to be very precise and decisive about any response that you may have?”

Mr Reynolds claimed he simply wanted the Government to stand by their Brexit promises and get a good deal in place for Britons.

The BBC Breakfast hit back and warned of the consequences of not supporting the Government.

She said: “Let’s be honest about this, if you don’t back the deal, whatever that deal might be there is then a significant risk of no deal whatsoever.”

Mr Reynolds admitted that that was the biggest risk now and he argued that should not be the case based on the Government’s promises.