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Kevin Nicholson: Democrats Like Tammy Baldwin Put Illegal Immigrants Before the Interests of Those in Uniform


Conservatives must “keep the fight up” while rejecting “ridiculous pressure” from Democrats and the broader left to criticize President Donald Trump, said Republican senatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson.

Vying for senatorship from Wisconsin in this year’s forthcoming election — a seat currently held by Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) — Nicholson’s remarks came during a SiriusXM Breitbart News Sunday interview with Breitbart News’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle and Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

Conservatives should not seek praise from left-wing and partisan Democratic figures by criticizing Trump when pressured to do so, said Nicholson: “What we need to do is push back on that nonsense when that happens and realize that this is what leftists do when they’re losing arguments and try to change the rules to try and force people, to box them in. And one thing I’ll say for the president, he’s a tough guy to box in and he kind of makes his own way.”

“What conservatives need to do is keep that fight up and be right there alongside him and not bow to that kind of ridiculous pressure when it happens,” added Nicholson. “It’s just political correctness run amok.”

Nicholson described Trump’s immigration policies as “common sense” and serving the American national interest:

The president is out there fighting for us on a daily basis, whether we’re talking about tax cuts and the tax reform package, getting rid of regulations that hold back businesses, appointing judges to the bench and the Supreme Court that are actually constitutional originalists and interpret the law as written. He’s been out there fighting for the American people on a daily basis.

That includes on the case of immigration. His policies are common sense policies that make sense for the American people and new immigrants.

Chain migration should be ended in pursuit of a merit-based immigration policy, said Nicholson.

Democrats seek to build a dependent demographic cohort to bolster their political fortunes, said Nicholson: “You look at people like Tammy Baldwin, what they’re really looking for to do when they advocate for illegal immigration is, they’re looking to take advantage of people, either economically or politically. They want cheap labor or cheap votes, one of the two. They want to flood the country with people that are dependent on their largess so they can hold them accountable politically.”

“We need an economically sustainable sensible plan that shuts down illegal immigration and has a merit-based sensible immigration policy… and that’s what we should be pushing for,” said Nicholson.

Baldwin is a “leftist career politician,” said Nicholson, responding to Boyle’s branding of the incumbent Wisconsin senator as “Shutdown Tammy” following Senate Democrats’ broad opposition to last Friday’s continuing resolution to fully fund federal government operations:

It’s standard fare from a leftist career politician who’s not really concerned about the people of Wisconsin and is concerned about special interests that hold the Democrat Party beholden to them.

She believes that illegal immigration is more important than members of our military or CHIP, which is insane. You can say this for Tammy, she’s a true leftist believer. She’s to the far extreme of her own party, and she’s willing to put illegal immigrants before the interests of Wisconsin and those serving in uniform.

Any implementation of legislative amnesty for illegal immigrants must follow a permanent end to illegal immigration, said Nicholson, drawing on his military experience to highlight the importance of physical barriers along the southern border.

“[On] the construction of a physical barrier, I’m a former combat engineer in the Marine Corps, and barriers work. They do stop people from crossing them and that is the entire idea behind them,” said Nicholson.

Trump carried Wisconsin in 2016’s presidential election, winning 47.2 percent of votes to Hillary Clinton’s 46.5 percent, with a margin of just under 20,000 votes.

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