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Fearsome Yorkshire Terrier scares away burglar by yapping at him


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Fearsome Yorkshire Terrier scares away burglar by yapping at him
Janice Snelling with her miniature guard dog (Picture: Solent News and Photo Agency)

To you, this might seem like a lapdog so inoffensive he only threatens people’s ankles.

But to a ‘large’ intruder who broke into owner Janice Snelling’s home, he may as well have been a snarling Alsatian.

Terrifying things can come in small packages, apparently.

Lucky, aged 10, is only 23cm tall and getting on a bit in dog years, but rose to the occasion when a burglar got into the house.

His owner Janice, a 76-year-old widow, barely had time to be scared when the man appeared in the doorway of her bedroom.

The Yorkie, who was sleeping on her bed, started barking continuously until he turned and ran – and Janice clearly shares the vigilante spirit as she said she wished she had a bat with her to have smashed him too.

Fearsome Yorkshire Terrier scares away burglar by yapping at him
Very aggressive in a crisis (Picture: Portsmouth News/Solent News & Photo Agency UK)

‘I was lying in my bed when I heard some noise outside my room,’ Janice said.

‘Then the door suddenly opened and there was a large man standing in the doorway. I was so terrified. I didn’t know what to do.

‘When Lucky saw him he went over to the corner of the bed and started barking. He just wouldn’t stop barking.

‘The man didn’t know what to do and after taking one look at Lucky got scared and shot out the door.

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‘I don’t think he liked dogs but with the size of the man you wouldn’t have thought he would be so frightened by something as small as Lucky.

‘I wish I’d had a bat on me so I could have bashed the nasty man.

‘I live on my own so I just feel happy Lucky was with me. He saved us. He’s such a hero.’

Police were called to the house, near Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Hampshire, before searching the area. No one has been arrested.

Janice said she had lived in the house for more than 40 years but was now too terrified to go upstairs and was desperate to move.

She said: ‘I don’t know how the man got into the house. I thought everywhere was locked. It just makes me feel very scared. I’ve got a hockey stick by my bed now.

‘I thought about getting a rottweiler but I don’t think I need one with Lucky. He’s ferocious.’

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