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Effective ways to get rid of drowsiness while driving


Hans Gunter-Vis said that motorists can overcome fatigue and a desire to sleep while driving, taking a short nap in the rest areas on the road.

He added that physical activity or some sports movements in the rest areas can also be used to maintain alertness and attention while driving. Energy drinks, opening windows or listening to loudspeakers are less effective means of maintaining vigilance while driving. .

The German expert said that the brain in the dark produces hormones that call to fatigue and enhance the chances of sleep, and therefore tends to fatigue and fatigue during the winter, which negatively affects the ability to drive the car and may lead to sleep for a few seconds.

Indications of tiredness and exhaustion during driving are frequent yawning and mental anguish.

The German expert warned that sleep while driving can cause serious accidents. Closing the eye for only 3 seconds at 100 kilometers per hour means 80 meters without seeing anything on the road.

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