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International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy (ICRD) launched in London & Brussels


International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy (ICRD) launched in London & Brussels

A think-tank organisation has been launched in London and Brussels. The organisation known as “International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy” (ICRD) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think-tank organisation based in Brussels and London with an international operation.

According to ICRD “Statement of Establishment” the centre seeks to promote progressive strategic dialogues that encourage interaction between international political entities and citizen-based agendas.

The Centre works with different world Parliaments with a prime focus on the European Parliament and local Western European Parliaments in addition to United Nations agencies. Our projects aim to promote conflict resolution through research, dialogue, integration with decision makers, publishing and media outreach.

ICRD’s statement added that, “it strives to achieve our objectives by working interactively with international decision makers at

– United Nations level,

– European Parliament,

– UK and German Parliaments.

– Other Local European & International Parliaments

Additionally, ICRD will be focusing on key international topics such as Brexit, Middle East, and anti-Terrorism, Russia and China and Europe and the US

It also announced a its strategy which seeks to promote new policy ideas and recommendations for key international community players and also help achieve peace and the culture of conflict resolution for the world war torn areas. The centre added that it will help fight international terrorism through research and policy paper recommendations

Amongst many of its inspirational goals, ICRD will work towards a fairer world for “developing countries” including fair economies

ICRD illustrated that it will also organise workshops and conferences and issue publications (Reports, Policy Papers, Fact Sheets). Public Affairs activities including meetings/delegations with Parliamentarians, Statesmen/women

According to organization founder, Sam Habeeb. ICRD will be a unique think-tank organization that work as “conflict resolution” mediator on various world topics. Habeeb added that a number of UK and European politicians will be part of the organisations where they will function as “advisors” on key issues. According to Habeeb, ICRD has been launched initially in 2016 where preparations started for the actual work in 2017

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