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Teens take homeless man to Nando’s then run off leaving him there with no food


Teens take homeless man to Nando's then run off leaving him there with no food
Three teenagers allegedly took a homeless man to Nando’s then ran off leaving him there with no food (Picture: Triangle News)

Three teenagers have been accused of buying a homeless man a Nando’s, only to run off and leave him in the restaurant without any food.

And to make it even worse, they taunted the man and filmed the whole thing.

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Customers at the Nando’s restaurant in Woolwich, south east London, said they saw the threesome taunt the man after telling him they would get him a chicken meal.

Diner Sally Cudmore was left so angry at the girls’ behaviour she snapped a photo of them outside, allegedly laughing and joking about the man’s plight.

She told how she watched them filming his reaction to being left hungry, while other witnesses said the three girls – all thought to be 16 or 17 – followed him around Woolwich ‘terrorising’ him.

Teens take homeless man to Nando's then run off leaving him there with no food
The girls allegedly took the homeless man in to Nando’s in Woolwich under the pretence of giving him food (Picture: Google)

Sally posted on Facebook: ‘I can’t believe what myself and other people just witnessed in Woolwich this evening.

‘Three loud girls came storming in with there cameras filming and taking pics of a homeless man strolling along behind and they were saying ‘We are going to pay for your dinner and buy you Nando’s.’

‘They told the man to sit down and the three girls went to the counter and was talking to the staff.

‘They then ordered his food and they was going outside for a cigarette. He asked what did you order?

‘And they kept laughing, everyone in Nando’s were looking at them because of how loud they were being and this bright flash they had from there phones recording what was happening.’

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Teens take homeless man to Nandos then run off leaving him there without any food
Diner Sally Cudmore was shocked at how the homeless man was treated and took a picture of the girls as they left (Picture: Triangle News)

Sally then said the man became suspicious and approached the counter to see if there was any food for him.

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She went on: ‘The man looked so upset and apologised to the workers. The girls were outside recording him and laughing hysterically while recording him as he was walking out.

‘They had no intention of ordering him any food. Instead they followed him, laughing and terrorising him.

‘Absolutely disgusting I hope you are all proud and it made you feel good about yourselves!!

‘The poor man was so upset.’

Sally, who has since removed the video from Facebook, says she then bought the man’s meal.

Teens take homeless man to Nando's then run off leaving him there with no food
One of the girls allegedly pictured responded to Ms Cudmore’s post defending their actions (Picture: Triangle News)

After being shared to a local Facebook site, posters began to name the girls – and one claiming to be the blonde teen stepped in to defend herself.

The girl, who we have chosen not to identify, said: ‘Lol for everyone talking my name and talking shit actually know what was going on.

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‘I’m a 17 year old girl yeh and we walked out of McDonald’s and he come up to us and approached us asking for a fag.

‘I do not smoke I told him no he wasn’t happy and said can I buy him a drink we got him a drink it wasn’t good enough for him he wanted more.

‘I told him to leave me alone and my friends and he started telling my friend how he would do things to her so I walked into Nando’s walked to the bar and told the man we are pretending to order food so the man leaves us alone and the man on the counter went along with it.

‘We said we are going outside so my friend cos have a fag and then we could walk away he come out and started shouting at us saying yours are liars and he grabbed my friend so she defended herself and pushed him away.’

Teens take homeless man to Nando's then run off leaving him there with no food
(Picture: Triangle News)

She added that the man had been saying inappropriate things, adding: ‘He shouldn’t of spoke to us the way he did we offered to buy him food but it wasn’t good enough then he started talkin inappropriately to us saying how he would do this and that and talking about his willy.’

A woman claiming to be the girl’s sister also stepped in to defend her, adding: ‘Just because it’s my sister ain’t my business my mum will deal with her so keep your shit comments to yourself.

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‘My parents parenting has nothing to do with my sister’s behaviour at the end of the day she’s a 17 year old who makes her own decisions.’

But another witness said: ‘Even a taxi driver told you girls to leave him alone because you was hiding behind cars and then jumping out trying to scare him. Disgrace.’

Sally Cudmore responded to the girl’s post, adding: ‘No that’s not the story. There was six witnesses including me!

‘You were terrorising him all the way down the street. You three were vile.

‘You wasn’t scared I would have been the first to help if that was the case.

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‘You was bullying and taking the mickey out of a homeless man.

‘He sat down freezing cold expecting you to get him something to eat and then you just left laughing and filming him! Karma.’

The witness added: ‘Don’t try and justify yourself, we saw you and have you on video. One of the girls even chucked something at him.’

While another said: ‘They continued to follow the man all around Woolwich – he even tried to escape them by going into the train station poor man.’

The behaviour was widely condemned.

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One person said: ‘I hope karma bites them on the arse. What you give out you should get backk’ while another said: ‘I would be mortified if this was my daughter, would feel I had totally failed as a parent.’

Some of the Facebook posters have now vowed to find the homeless man so they can buy him a meal.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Nando’s for comment.

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