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Shops already running out of food just three days into 2018


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Shops already running out of food just three days into 2018
Supermarkets across the country are rather bare – such as this Sainbury’s in Mere Green (Picture: Megan Cooper)

Shoppers across the country have been left shocked to find scores of empty shelves in their favourite supermarkets.

Angry shopper have been posting photos of the empty shelves on Twitter in supermarkets up and down the country.

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Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Aldi are just some of the stores affected.

Retail experts have said this is down to a ‘seasonal switch over’ as festive food is swapped out for healthier alternatives, and deliveries have been slower due to a lack of staff and nighttime deliveries.

Sainsbury’s and Asda have both said that the issues have affected just ‘a handful of stores’.

Bare shelves across the country
Only a few chicken were left at this Sainsbury’s in Clapham – experts have put it down to a ‘seasonal switch over’ (Picture: Ingo London)
Bare shelves across the country
(Picture: Stueart Newman)

Retail expert Bryan Roberts, insghts director at TCC Global, told MailOnline that the lack of stock on shelves was due to a cocktail of factors.

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He said: ‘First there’s the seasonal switch-over, as supermarkets are selling through the Christmas stuff and the New Year party food and getting in the new healthy eating produce and fitness items. That’s quite a Herculean task for stores and supply chains to cope with.

‘Some suppliers aren’t running at full capacity as there are staff shortages with people still on holiday. It’s not until next week that things get going again, so there will be supply issues at play.

‘Then of course if there’s any mechanical break-downs with fridges and freezers out of action, that can cause issues.’

Bare shelves across the country
The empty shelves in Sainsbury’s, Clapham(Picture: Ingo London)

Mr Roberts also said that he had noticed that Sainsbury’s has had issues with bare shelves over the last couple of months, particularly with fresh produce.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said in a statement: ‘We’ve apologised to customers for any inconvenience. This affected a very small number of stores, and we can confirm stock is already being replenished.’

An Asda spokesman said it was not suffering from a nationwide shortage of stock. It added that the empty shelf at the Wolverhampton store was ‘in the process of restocking’, and it has now been fully replenished.

Which stores are affected?

Local Sainsbury’s, Calne, Wiltshire

Sainsbury’s, Melton Road, Leicester

Sainsbury’s, Forestside, Belfast

Sainsbury’s, Clapham, London

Sainsbury’s, Mere Green, Birmingham

Morrisons, Weybridge, Surrey

Morrisons, Cardiff

Aldi, Caversham, Reading

Lidl, Hackney

Asda, Slough

Asda, Wolverhampton

Aldi, Weymouth

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