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Tory MPs want £120m of lottery money to buy a new royal yacht. The only 8 tweets you need


50 Tory MPs have had a spiffing wheeze – to launch a new lottery game to raise the £120m needed to pay for a new royal yacht.

Not just any yacht, you’ll understand, but a royal yacht Britannia to “showcase post-Brexit Britain and bring trade to our shores’.

Oh yes it will! (Well, it IS panto season). Here are our favourite responses to this ingenious idea online.


Fifty elected representatives want you to buy scratch cards to buy a yacht for a woman worth about half a billion quid. I’m running out of words. Might just play records in 2018.

— James O'Brien (@mrjamesob) December 28, 2017



If the Tories think the Queen needs a new yacht then sell a palace or auction off some paintings that are gathering dust. Even better, hold a Gary Barlow hosted 'Her Majesty in Need' night on BBC1. Just see how much they raise then. We have 9,000 humans sleeping on our streets.

— Rachael (@Rachael_Swindon) December 28, 2017


Can't spare any change today mate.

The Queen needs a new yacht. pic.twitter.com/nf5Z3mih0J

— Graham Lithgow (@grahamlithgow) December 28, 2017


A group of well off Tory MPs want poor people to buy lottery tickets to fund the purchase of a yacht for one of the world's richest families, when the money could, for instance, go towards making sure there's no repeat of Grenfell. Twisted Tory priorities

— will thorpe (@withorpe) December 28, 2017


if we had just compromised on blue passports and a royal yacht so much could have been avoided, it's literally all they wanted

— joe-gle bells (@mutablejoe) December 27, 2017


For god's sake, stop carping and let the Queen have a new yacht like any normal 91 year old great grandmother.

— paul bassett davies (@thewritertype) December 28, 2017


These are the 50 Tory MPs that want a lottery-funded Royal Yacht, costing £120 million. Cancer sufferers are denied £30 a week, rough sleepers are dying on our streets at an average age of just 47 and 127,600 children need somewhere they can call their home. Have a think on this. pic.twitter.com/CxZ2S2UiuO

— Rachael (@Rachael_Swindon) December 28, 2017

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