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Breast Cancer – Causes and Symptoms



Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow in an abnormal pattern. These cells eventually form a lump. They may spread to other parts of the body. Women are more likely to develop breast cancer than men. If you suspect you have breast cancer, get screened by a doctor.

Early-stage breast cancer is not very difficult to treat. The tumor may be small and contained in the breast. It may also spread to nearby lymph nodes. Treatment for this type of breast cancer is generally straightforward and will not require surgery. Once the cancer has spread beyond the breast, however, it will usually affect nearby lymph nodes, muscle and body tissue.

Early signs of breast cancer may include lumps and pain in the breast. However, these symptoms may be caused by a benign cyst. It is important to visit your doctor as soon as you notice a lump or pain in your breast. Breast cancer can be classified into two types: invasive and noninvasive. Invasive cancer has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body, while noninvasive cancer has not spread outside of the original tissue.

Depending on the location and stage, the treatment for breast cancer is very different. Treatments include surgery, hormone therapy, and radiotherapy.

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