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I’m Sorry, But This 2021 Fashion Trend Reminds Me of Fall Out Boy


instyle– Personally, I’m a hat person. After spending so many years feeling shy about wearing colorful, statement-making, and floppy styles on my head, I’ve fully embraced the lifestyle — and my outfits have been better as a result. A beret manages to give even the simplest of basics a welcome boost, while large, wide-brim options make me feel glam during the summer months. However, there is one classic hat design that sometimes makes me wary: the newsboy cap, which has been popping up on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, and Katie Holmes.

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It’s almost impossible for me to look at this style and not think “OK, channeling Fall Out Boy, I guess.”

Much like Ariana Grande’s high ponytail or Beyoncé’s bodysuits, newsboy caps were kind of a staple for members of this band back in the ’00s. I can still so clearly picture the lead singer, Patrick Stump, wearing this accessory with a T-shirt and a button-down vest, and I know Pete Wentz had a few in his wardrobe as well. But, like a handful of throwback trends, this one has also returned, and there are more modern ways to wear it that won’t make you look like you’re about to belt out a verse from “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.”

You Can Wear It Casually

Halle Berry skipped pants this time around, but still proved this hat pairs well with a loose graphic tee.

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Coordinate With Your Outerwear

Taylor Swift matched her purple newsboy cap to her printed coat, creating a laid-back yet eye-catching look.

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Invest in a Simple Black Option

A neutral color will go with everything, including a black coat, like the one Gigi Hadid is wearing.

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It’s Possible to Dress Up a Newsboy Cap

This piece can balance out a maxi skirt, preventing it from feeling too over-the-top or fancy.

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They Also Look Great With Jeans

Newsboy caps can provide that extra little pop you’ve been searching for.

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Even Suits Benefit From This Accessory

Just like a beret or fedora, it will add a little flair and keep your outfit from feeling meh and predictable.

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And Yes, Printed Options Available, Too

Something plaid or polka-dotted will turn your white T-shirt and denim combo into a full, fashion-forward look.

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