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Iraqi Schools Reopen Despite Virus Outbreak


republicworld– Students in Baghdad began classes on the first day of the academic year on Sunday, Oct. 29, amid virus measures.

The exact number of students who began classes is not known, due to the spread of the coronavirus.

At Dhat Al Salasil intermediate school for girls, in the Sadr City area of Baghdad, teachers welcomed pupils as they streamed in the school gates.

All students, teachers and school staff are required to wear facemasks and sterilise their hands at the gates.

The number of students in each class was reduced to around 10 from upwards of 50 pupils, said school principal Batoul Ali Hussein.

The coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of all schools in Iraq in February, which affected around 10 million children nationwide.

Iraq’s Ministry of Education has provided learning through an online platform and television, but the focus has mostly been on students in higher grades sitting final exams.

Inevitably, this also favours those children with access to technology.

Reported coronavirus cases across Iraq continue on the rise but at a slightly lower rate than in previous weeks.