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Food writer Jack Monroes new book shows how to cook exclusively from tinned goods


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Nic Serpell-Rand/REX/Shutterstock (9185588a) npower and Jack Monroe today launch FUEL FUEL by Jack Monroe concept restaurant launch, London, UK - 23 Oct 2017 npower and Jack Monroe today launch FUEL, a concept-restaurant which brings to life the choice many in the UK have to make between 'heating and eating' as part of wider efforts to tackle the issue with its new npower Foundation, the Fuel Bank charity.
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Poverty isnt one-dimensional.

But few of its strands are as insidious and all-consuming as the issue of food.

Thats why Jack Monroe has spent the last six years as a tireless campaigner for the the accessibility of good, nutritious food – no matter what your budget.

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And the award-winning author of A Girl Called Jack and Cooking On a Bootstrap has announced a brand new book, filled with 75 recipes using tinned food.

Appropriately named Tin Can Cook, its set to be released next year.

Monroe said its partly for [the] food bank user and the work I do with people in poverty, partly as a post-Brexit cookbook, and partly as a tongue-in-cheek fu** you to food snobbery and elitism.

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Ive been writing recipes from tins for around six years now; and it is frequently met with amusement and disdain from my peers, Monroe told The Bookseller.

But Im fascinated by our relationships with tinned food, and what those tins say about us. Our abilities, our fears, our emergencies, and our comfort zones.

[Currently] there are around 400 registered food banks in the UK, feeding 1.5million people, and those parcels are made primarily of tinned goods.

Very proud to announce my next cookbook, which will be donated to foodbanks, is ENTIRELY from tins. 75 beautiful, delicious, surprising recipes, from cans. I've had a lot of fun with this and think it's my best book yet. You can order it here. #TinCanCookhttps://t.co/Pi51tU4SDa

— Jack Monroe (@BootstrapCook) October 22, 2018

The various unexpected joys include beef stews; anchovy mayonnaise; Cacio e Pepe with spaghetti hoops; chicken, olive and mandarin tagine and even creme brulee.

And dont say youre not intrigued by the fruit cocktail cake?

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