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Town centre fountain turned into bubble bath with washing up liquid


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Fancy a nice, relaxing bubble bath?

Theres a fountain in Newcastle you might want to check out.

Someone dumped so much washing up in liquid or washing powder into the fountains that foam bubbled up over the sides and onto the gravel.

It might not be the most comfortable place for your soak, as its in the middle of the Queens Gardens roundabout close Newcastle Borough Councils new offices.

The bubbles were added yesterday or overnight with the suds gradually building up so that by this morning it was like a foam party.

One woman said: Theres a right bubble situation. It could be washing powder. It wasnt that bad yesterday so I dont know if someone has added more.

Town centre fountain turned into bubble bath 'with washing up liquid'

Looks so tempting (Picture: Stoke Sentinel/BPM Media)

Pranksters have turned a town centre fountain into a Jacuzzi after adding what appears to be washing up liquid to the water. The three-tiered feature on the Queens Gardens roundabout, in Newcastle, close to Newcastle Borough Council?s new Castle House offices now looks more like a bubble bath. Caption: Pranksters have turned a Newcastle roundabout into a festive wonderland

(Picture: Stoke Sentinel/BPM Media)

And it is not the first time it has happened.

Another woman said: They often did that when the fountain was first built. There would be suds blowing all over the place. Made us all laugh to see it.



But not everyone is happy.

A woman said: Its more council money that will be needed to drain and refill it. Well done to the daft numpties.

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