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Chaos in Belfast after terror group threatened serious disorder


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A pipe bomb has been discovered in Belfast and a bus hijacked and set on fire in a night of chaos in the capital of Northern Ireland.

Passengers are thought to be being held at Belfast City Airport as the incidents unfold across the city.

It follows a warning released by terror group the UVF to create serious disorder on the eve of Twelfth of July.

Chaos in Belfast after terror group threatened 'serious disorder'

The bus was reportedly hijacked by armed men (Picture: Twitter/ARowanJenkins)

Police in Northern Ireland said a viable pipe line has been found at a peace line in east Belfast.

Earlier, a loud bang was reportedly heard near the loyalist Cluan Place on Wednesday afternoon.

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The remains of the device were found on the nationalist side of the peaceline on Clandeboye Drive.



A police spokesman said: The remnants of what is believed to be a viable pipe bomb type device have been found in Clandeboye Drive and we would ask for your patience and support as police work to make the area safe.

Earlier, the UVF threatened to create serious disorder, police said.

Alan Todd, chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, said he received information indicating the group intends to orchestrate and participate in serious disorder.




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